Epiphanny Prince is not included in Russia’s roster for EuroBasket

Теги Basketball

Head coach of the Russia women’s national team Boris Sokolovsky has announced that the U.S.-born guard Epiphanny Prince, playing for the WNBA club Chicago Sky and Russian Sparta&K, was not included into the team’s final roster for the upcoming European championship.

«Prince and her agent have put forward some unacceptable conditions, like the arrival to the national team’s camp three days before the start of the tournament. When negotiations have come to a deadlock, I gathered the team and have asked the girls if we can reach success by ourselves, without Prince. They answered firmly: yes, we can. It was said with an ineffable confidence. And I think that we have made the right choice,» said Sokolovsky as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Epiphanny Prince has obtained Russian citizenship by a special decree of the president.


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