SKA sign Varlamov and Khudobin

Теги Hockey

As it became known to, SKA St. Petersburg signed contracts with goaltenders of the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins Simeon Varlamov and Anton Khudobin.

It has been reported earlier that SKA are going to pay Varlamov at least $4 million per season. He received only $822,000 per season at the Capitals.

Varlamov will become a limitedly free agent and Khudobin will be fully free on July 1.

23-year old Varlamov participated in 11 victories in 27 regular season games, having a goal against rate of 2.23 goals per game and reflecting 92.4 percent of shots.

25-year-old Khudobin has 2 wins in 4 games in the NHL with a goal against rate of 1.59 goals per game. He reflected 94.2 percent of shots. He also has 28 victories in 50 games in the AHL with a goal against rate of 2.52 goals per game.


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