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Yevgeny Kuznetsov: If Traktor offers me a 10-year deal, I will stay


Promising Russian forward Yevgeny Kuznetsov in an interview to Prosport magazine insists he has made a decision about his future move to the NHL, but he may change it again.

«No one will know what my future holds until I make a decision. I will inform you when the final choice is made. I have decided for myself, but it isn’t final. I keep thinking what will happen if I go the other way,» said the Traktor player, who was drafted by the Capitals in 2010.

«If I get offered a contract, I will at least consider it. Last year there were rumours, but no one called me. I spoke to the Washington club earlier this season and I also received an offer from Traktor. So now we are waiting.

«Did Traktor offer you a ten-year deal?»

«No, just one year.»


«If it was for ten years, I would gladly stay and not worry.»

«But cash upfront?»

«No, but it has to be 100% guaranteed payment, even if the club decides to release me. I want to be sure to get the money.»

«Maybe you should get a deal for life?»

«I would consider it. At least with such contract you are sure to remain in one place, so you can start planning your life in the city, maybe open a business.»

«Last year you were saying it is impossible to earn 11 million roubles for a car like the Bentley Continental GT. Do you still believe that?»

«You can, if you play Radulov? Look up the stats for the KHL – he is everywhere, top striker, top provider. The only thing he is not best at is goaltending.»


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