Semyon Varlamov: It’s very probable that I will remain in NHL

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The Washington Capitals goalkeeper Semyon Varlamov has spoken about the possible options of his future career, saying he would choose to continue playing in the NHL.

«Was there any interest to you from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl?»

«No, I didn’t notice it. There is some interest from other clubs. I mean the KHL, obviously. In the NHL until July 1 I may hold negotiations with Washington only.»

«Did the Capitals offer you anything?»

«Yes, Washington has shown interest in signing me for the next season.»

«Is there a chance that you agree to a smaller salary in order to remain in the NHL?»

«It’s very probable that I will remain in the NHL. I’d like very much to sign a contract in America – even for a smaller money than I’m offered in Russia.»

«Much smaller?»

«Not that I’d like a completely different amount... For example, I don’t quite agree with the offer which has been made by the Capitals for the last months. That’s why the contract is not signed yet. I don’t consider myself to be a clear second goalie at Washington. Yes, this year I did not take part in the play-off, but it was because I had missed some three weeks right before the end of the regular season.

«I’d like to emphasize that each year everyone has equal chances. Let’s take Tim Thomas who spent previous season sitting on the bench, but now won everything that was possible to win. We will also begin this season from scratch.»

«Is there is a chance that you will sign a contract in the KHL until July 1? Or, maybe, you intend to wait until to the end?»

«I still don’t know myself. I’m thinking, considering different options. I have enough of them.»

«Why do you lay such an emphasis on your desire to remain in the NHL even for smaller money?»

«As I’ve already said, it’s my childhood dream. And I still haven’t really fulfilled it. I mean, I haven’t reached anything significant in this league. When I win the Stanley Cup, Vezina Trophy and the play-offs MVP title, I will tell myself that I succeeded in my NHL career,» Varlamov stated to Sport-Express.

It should be noted that SKA St. Petersburg are reportedly trying to sign Varlamov, while his former club Lokomotiv Yaroslavl own the priority right for that in the KHL and should also take part in such negotiations.


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