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Vera Zvonareva: I am grateful to Sergey Demekhin, but I will go on


Russian tennis player Vera Zvonareva has commented on the parting with her ex-coach Sergey Demekhin, with whom she had worked during the past year.

«Let’s leave aside the details of the working process, as some things must remain between the coach and the sportsman only. I am grateful to Sergey for having been near me for a year and his dedication. I also want to thank other people who worked with me during my tennis career. With their help I gained the necessary experience and knowledge, which allowed me to become one of the leading tennis players and to win a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic games,» Zvonareva stated according to Sport-Express.

«At the same time it is very important for me to trust people surrounding me. The team should be a single body rather than a group of individuals with their own ambitions.»

«I wish Demekhin good luck in his future coaching career. As for me, I will try to continue to do my best in tennis.»


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