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Moto2 2024

22 февраля 2022 15:30 |Трибуна

Moto2 и Moto3 поднимают планку: рекорды Портимао опустошены в тестах

Testing for the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships at the Algarve International Circuit is over and the bar is high for the Portuguese Grand Prix. In both categories, their respective all-time records were broken on the track.

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21 февраля 2022 20:23 |Трибуна

Серхио Гарсия возглавил последнюю сессию Moto3 в Портимане, не свергнув рекордсмена Денниса Фоджиа

Moto3 testing in Portimão came to an end and Sergio Garcia was the fastest in the warm last session with only ten riders. The time scheduled for the first session on Monday was the best time of all three days.

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