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До Свидания, "Милоуки"?

Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut was hospitalized with a right elbow injury after falling hard to the floor and awkwardly twisting his arm against the Phoenix Suns on Saturday. With the Bucks leading late in the second quarter, Bogut took a long outlet pass in for a fast break slam dunk. He hung on the rim afterward, was touched in the back by the Suns’ Amare Stoudemire and crashed to the court. Bogut appeared to wrench his elbow on the way down, then hit his head. A flagrant foul was called on Stoudemire, and he was booed loudly by Bucks fans, but television replays showed what appeared to be relatively light contact with Bogut. Bogut appeared to be in serious pain, briefly writhing on the floor before being helped to his feet by the team’s medical staff. Hunched over and clutching his arm, he ran down the tunnel toward the locker room.

Все-таки проклятье таких команд, как "Клипперс" и "Милоуки" - это что-то воистину необъяснимое.

П.С: Вообще, сегодня смотрел Студенческий Баскетбол. Если такой "Батлер" обыграет в Финале такооой "Дьюк", то 33-ехлетнему Брэду Стивенсу начнут строить мавзолей прямо на территории кампуса. Я лично готов заложить капсулу :)

П.П.С: Когда Коуч Кей принял "Дьяволов", Стивенсу было... три года от роду....

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