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Якобы Медведев предлагает с 2011 запустить новый проект в 56 клубов - Единую Хоккейную Россию Европу.

"K.H.L. president Alexander Medvedev is in the news again, proposing a 56-team superleague to start in 2011. The league, with teams stretching from the Russian Far East all the way to Germany, would unite European club hockey under one umbrella.

Medvedev submitted the proposal, called United Hockey Europe, to the International Ice Hockey Federation last month in what could be an attempt to wrest control of pan-European club competition from the I.I.H.F. Details of the Medvedev plan are becoming public as a committee of Swedish general managers continues a separate study on whether the Swedish Elitserien should merge with the K.H.L."




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