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Crossed out by Tre(sqaured) Kronor

Hello, guys! It's me again:)

Apparently, I don't have as much to say about the WM play-offs as I did after the preliminary round. But, nevertheless...

1. Sweden

I am happy for them! No, seriously: not the best possible roster mixture, difficult start with many a hindrance and just to think what came of it all!.. Sedin twins helped a big deal in lifting the "home curse", so let's celebrate together with the Swedish crowd trying not to engage in polyamory:)

2. Switzerland

This is what unaware people thought when they realized the Swiss were actually playing the gold medal game. And that's what everyone (in my opinion) should have done after it - at least, it's exactly what I did:) Words are superfluous here - MV national team of the WM!!! Sochi cannot wait to check out your move, Alpine crusaders!

3. USA

Finally, back into the big game:) Even though you can never call this team a varsity one, but... So many young guys led by experienced NHLers, so little time for the pre-WM camp and so much joy after the bronze medal game (or the quarterfinal - whichever you liked most:) - by all means Americans made their performance stand out both in Helsinki and Stockholm.


P.S. With our mind now on Sochi, see you in Minsk2014!

P.P.S. I love you, my sunny bunny!!!



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