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The Sun Shines on Christmas

First of all I wish merry Christmas to all the Russians! 

We’re lucky that the season in Russia stops for Catolic Christmas and we’re not like in Spain, for example, where they play lots of games in second half of December.

We can take the opportunity to go home and see our family and friends.

My family and I went to Italy, of course.

The first day back home was dedicated to seeing all our friends. My wife organized a small dinner. We met and said hello to people I hadn’t see for the last three months and I would not see for the next five months. The next day we had a family dinner.

The most difficult part about Christmas in Italy is that everybody gets upset if you don’t eat what they cooked for you. And they cook a lot! So I had to eat all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love good food. But still it was rather challenging experience.

Another good point about this trip was six days of sun. To tell you the truth, this is perhaps the only thing that I really miss from my country. Of course, I miss family and friends, but sometimes they come here and in summer we’re there. It is also compensated by friends and way of life we have here.

I remember our visit to Thessaloniki, Greece in December. When we landed, all the team was looking at the sun, enjoying the moment...



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