Все о Стефаносе Циципасе

Here we are. We are in Rome (c)

Cегодня Стефаносу предстоит сыграть с Новаком Джоковичем. Официальный сайт АТР делает такое превью


Стефанос: “[Djokovic] has won here a lot of times. I am just expecting to go out there [and] give my best performance,” Tsitsipas said. “He can play on all surfaces. We played each other at Roland Garros. I see this as an opportunity for me to do something better this time. I hope to be able to play the same tennis that I have been playing so far and be a challenge for him.”

Новак: “Tomorrow is going to be a huge challenge for me,” Djokovic said. “I'm going to be ready for it. I've been practising well and feeling good. I'll make sure I prepare myself well for the next match.”

Последний матч между ними:

Хорошей игры, Степа!


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