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Норман Пауэлл подарил матери Range Rover 2020

Форвард «Торонто» Норман Пауэлл подарил матери на день рождения Range Rover 2020.

Игрок опубликовал видео в своем инстаграме. В подписи под роликом Пауэлл пошутил, что модель 2020 появилась у его матери раньше, чем у него самого.

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A HUGE BIRTHDAY Surprise for the most important woman in my life.MY MOM. It’s honestly a blessing and humbling experience to be able to buy my mom her dream car. The most protective, supportive mother ever. To be able to put a smile as big as this is truly amazing. God has blessed me and my family in So many ways. As a Child growing up I always told myself I would be in a position to make my family’s life easier. Being able to do that now is a surreal feeling. Dream House✅ Dream Car ✅. You deserve that and sooo much more for all the sacrifices you made for Joniece, Margaret and I, to be able to go after all of our dreams and goals. If you know my mom and have her contact make sure you wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎈🎉 🥳. How my mom get a 2020 car before I did 🤣

Публикация от Norman Powell (@normanpowell4)

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