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    Календарь Олимпиады

    Медальный зачет

    Whenever there's anything Juve-related that I find interesting and worth discussing.
      Автор Pen Cap Chew

      In the middle of the way

      A light reading before the game against Sampdoria. A post about current situation and the author’s hopes: Morata, Inter or Napoli, dangerous Sampdoria.
      Автор Pen Cap Chew

      Keep calm and support Juventus

      «It’s easy to come to the stadium and applaud when everything is going well» (Leo Bonucci)
      Автор Pen Cap Chew

      How I started to support Juventus

      In summer 1998 I was a young kid, who had never seen a World Cup or a Euro before...
      Автор Pen Cap Chew


      The reason i created the blog.
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