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    Автор Бин

    Struggle with fears

    Struggle with fears / Борьба со страхами / Ю.Розанов «We simply have to step on ice and play our game”, said Ovechkin after game with Czechs. And he didn’t mind that these words are perfect for quarterfinal. I knew Alex for years and I pretty sure that if I ask him “And with Canada too?” he might definitely answer:” Sure. Especially with Canada”. We definitely scared. But if this fear makes you assign who are guilty of that fear, you’d better stop reading. “Everything might go fine, if we did not lose to Slovaks” you think. First, it is second-guessing. Second, it’s kind of the glory...
    Автор Александр Ткач

    Inzaghi of Kazan

    Inzaghi of Kazan / Казанский Индзаги / Вадим Кузнецов Kurban Berdiyev’s jacket and the scouts of Villareal in Kazan, Bukharov’s double and a replacement for Chori, Eli Guttman’s complaints and Bibras Natkho really on his way to somewhere – Sports.ru is reporting from the capital of Tatarstan. A handful of visitors from Israel, muffled in winter overalls, were cheerfully kicking around an empty beer bottle at one of the entrances of the Central Stadium. About an hour was left until the beginning of the match between Rubin and Hapoel, and it’s better to while away the time moving when its -15...
    Автор Бин

    Given Up to Alans

    Given up to Alans / Алану отдана / Александр Беляев, Алексей Савкин One of FC Alania Fan Club leaders was holding an online broadcast during the Nornickel press conference where an announcement about the company discontinuing financial support of FC Moskva was made. Vladikavkaz citizens went out on the streets right after it had been over: to celebrate Alania’s comeback to Russian Premier League. FC Alania automatically replaced FC Moskva which was declared bankrupt. After the sport results had been powerless to guide Alania to Premier League, politics came to help. Alexandr Khloponin, a...