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    Автор Serhiy Lukyanenko

    British memos. Tottehham’s ambitious. Британские заметки. Амбиции Тоттенхэма

    Premier league has come back! I can congratulate you and expect the same from you to me. We’ve already talked about incredible Conte’s Chelsea and not worse Liverpool of Klopp, but have a lot to think about, though. Frankly speaking, London is the most football city in the world: Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Fulham and, of course, Tottenham. The team of Mauricio Pochettino shows wild attacking and strong defensive football at the same time. So, what would be our question for today? Has Tottenham grown up to the level of serious force which can be real title contender...
    Автор Serhiy Lukyanenko

    British memos. Liverpool’s оn fire. Британские заметки. Ливерпуль в огне

    British island continues to live without Premier league football. Teams concentrate on Cup’s clashes and keep nothing else in minds but the opposite to us. We’ve tried to answer on the first actual-champ question before, but it’s perfect time to move on. The second thought: Is Liverpool able to rich the title? There was nearly fairytale season for Merseyside club when Brendan Rodgers was man in charge but there are a lot of changes nowadays. With Jurgen Klopp, team becomes great again and last three matches of red side will show us not only the advantages of this guys but als...
    Автор Serhiy Lukyanenko

    British memos. What about Chelsea? Британские заметки. А что по поводу Челси?

    Pause in the British championship is really needed today. Why? Because there are a lot of questions in minds of thousands fans and we need some time to search the answers. First one: Is Chelsea as good as they supposed to be? Team of Antonio Conte is leading in the Premier league with 49 points after superb 13-game winning streak. It wasn’t a new record of the League just because one thing – defeat to Tottenham. And if Pochattino and his squad could stop Londoners, why others couldn’t? There was a lot of luck in winning trip of blues. Does everybody remember match against Man...