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Рон Стам

Рон Стам

Ron Stam
Родился 18 июня 1984 | 33 года
Гражданство Голландия
Амплуа Защитник
Рост и вес 182|76
20 января 2013 08:25

The Road to Wigan Pier / Тактическая грамотность Мартинеса

Just a typical wigan performance we dont like taking a lead and we only like playing when the game seems out of sight . Stam is an embarresment to this club hes so shit its unreal , fatty on the left wing cannot cross a ball neither take people on , the only time we looked dangerous is when he brought 2 new signings on who are supposed to be there starting to make the team better yet they are sat on the bench when all they want to do is impress the manager and the fans. I seriously do not get why we start new signings on the bench whats the point in signing people ????

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