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Блог Этторе Мессины о баскетболе

Теги Этторе Мессина Лазарос Пападопулос ЦСКА

Simply straightforward question

I don’t read Russian newspapers because my Russian isn’t good enough yet. However I receive translations from my assistants and CSKA press officer Masha. Lately there has been a lot of articles offering explanations why Papaloukas is not playing at his best level in the first part of the season. Among possible reasons they mentioned there were lack of motivation during regular season, difficult integration of Theo with the teammates this season and some others.

I would like to say a couple of things on the subject. First, I don’t want to protect Theo, because my players are mature enough. They don’t need to be protected by anybody. And the best way for the player to protect himself is to play well on the court. Second, Theo started season very well after he had come from a disappointing European championship with the national team. He was one of our best performers during the first month. Then he started going down slowly in his performance. And after that he had a serious injury in his ankle that has been affecting his game up to now.

I didn’t say a word in public about Theo until the game against Rostov, where he finally played really well, being really involved in a team game. This is why I’d like make comments now. The only thing that I would like to express is my surprise. I’m surprised to find so many explanations in the papers, all missing the most important point. In my opinion, in this case all they needed is a small interview with Theo himself with a straightforward question: «Why do you think you don’t play at your best level now?»

They might hear something interesting from him. Or, if they think that he would give them some politically correct answer to escape the truth, they might point that out at the same time offering what they think is a valid explanation. Offering explanations without asking the very protagonist of the situation for his own opinion, to me, is gossiping. It might be totally misleading.

I don’t want to teach anybody his job, but as a simple reader of a newspaper I want to see question, answer and evaluation of the answer if it was not honest enough. Knowing Theo, I’m sure he would give an honest and straight answer.

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