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Блог о шотландском футболе

Предупреждение болельщиков "Рейнджерс" банковской группе "Ллойдс".

To: Lloyds Banking Group

We, loyal supporters of The Rangers Football Club, express our dismay at the apparent lack of support given by the Lloyds Banking Group to our Club. We appeal to your commercial good sense (to the extent that such still exists within your discredited, 43\% state-owned company) to continue to provide Rangers with the necessary facilities to ensure our success. We will have no hesitation in calling for a nationwide boycott of all your brands should such support be withdrawn: Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland, Halifax, C&G, Black Horse, Intelligent Finance, Scottish Widows, Clerical Medical, Birmingham Midshires, Lex, St James′s Place Bank, Insight Investment.


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