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Coronavirus: How to Donate or Help to Fight Pandemic

There  are many organizations providing on the ground support for COVID-19.

If you can make a donation consider supporting these response efforts.

International sites: 

Local United Way responses Healthcare Ready Project N95 The CDC Foundation No Kid Hungry ICRC UNHCR (to support refugees) WHO response efforts MedShare


How to donate in Korea: 

How to take action: volonteer in Korea

Community Chest of Korea


Community Chest of Korea is a national network of 16 local chapters that work to create lasting positive change in communities and people’s lives. Since its establishment in 1998, Community Chest of Korea has grown to become Korea’s largest community impact charity. Community Chest of Korea seeks to engage the participation of individuals, businesses and local organizations to cultivate a culture of sharing in the community.


* How to help Daegu which suffered of coronavirus the most:  (Kor)







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